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Gallup research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best. Let’s identify your talents and develop them into strengths so you and your team become more productive, perform better, and are more engaged.



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Leverage Golf as a Business Success Strategy:
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Driving Women's Leadership


Clients rave about our Pat Roque’s motivation, inspiration and street-smart advice to use TODAY.  Let us help you ROCK your next event!

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Motivational Speaker, Workshop Leader

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Looking for a dynamic and empowering keynote speaker?  Whether your women’s leadership group welcomes “Life Lessons for Success” or want to learn how to “Make your business BOOM on and off the Golf Course” Pat motivates teams with her fun and unique topics.

“Pat opened up my eyes to new opportunities that I never thought were possible! Pat is a talented, hard-working woman who is passionate about being a speaker and motivator to men and women of all ages. She was a positive influence on my life and will be a positive influence on yours as well!”

Marissa Guilianti, William Paterson University 


“The wisdom, insight and experience you share with the attendees was nothing short of inspirational. We have received lots of outstanding feedback from your session.”

Linda Carter, Union County Freeholder 

Coaching & Masterminds

Let Pat’s Breakthrough System Channel Your Inner Rock Star and help you drive your career into the fast lane for success as we work on:

  1. FOCUS

Get OUT of overwhelm: Together, we’ll tackle important obstacles to ROCK your business and your life.

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“It obvious you’re a master at this. You don’t get that polished by accident.”  Xavier LeMond, entrepreneur

“I really enjoyed the coaching, Pat ignited my thinking” Brenda McKoy, Stonegate Brokerage 


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