50 ROCKS: 7 ways BUSINESS GOLF can CATAPULT your Career

50 ROCKS: 7 ways BUSINESS GOLF can CATAPULT your Career

One of my biggest regrets is not having learned to play golf when I was 4 or 5, instead of age 45! Sadly business golf was not a part of my early upbringing, but it’s never too late.

Golf entails tackling obstacles and challenges and digging deep within your soul to find solutions. Yet it ranks right up next to birthing kids and working in sales as an exhausting, humbling and sometimes self-deflating activity: Last week’s record HIGH score was painful, I’ll admit.

#50Rocks - GET in the GAME of BUSINESS Golf

Pat Roque says, “Golf has changed me forever” @PatRoque16 #50ROCKS  #learntogolf #Boomertips

But golf has changed my life and blessed me as I…

  • EXPAND MY CIRCLE: I’ve made new friends, business colleagues and have an interest to keep me happy and occupied as my kids go off on their own
  • STRENGTHEN MY MARRIAGE: My husband is so proud of my accomplishments, and we plan to retire on a golf course and play together into our old age
  • REINVENT MYSLEF: Golf perpetuates self-improvement. It’s great to set big goals (like breaking 100), but golf give you 100+ chances to be creative and appreciate the little wins, too.
  • CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY: Nothing beats the feel and sound of the perfectly hit ball “ping” — or an uphill chip-in from 40 yards at Galloping Hill, with the whole gallery watching!
  • APPRECIATE  NATURE:  God has shown me new shades of blues and greens and wildlife – even a two-foot turtle
  • UNPLUG:  It’s liberating to turn off the cell phone and focus on having fun with your partners and your game
  • EXERCISE:  Walking 18 holes burns about 1400 calories and helps me sleep well at night. Plus, I slow down and play better when I’m tired

Perhaps most importantly, golf holds the secrets to catapult many careers. There’s something special about surviving 9 or 18 holes with a friend, or even strangers, that forms an undeniable bond. More lifelong friendships and business deals are made out on the course. Nothing compares to feeling like one of the “insiders” who actually gets all of the golf jokes and can banter about the 19th hole with the rest of the office gang.

Pat Roque says, "There are no glass ceilings on a golf course, just blue skies ahead" @PatRoque16 #50ROCKS #BoardroomGolf #learntogolf #Boom

Pat Roque says, “There are no glass ceilings on a golf course, just blue skies ahead” @PatRoque16 #50ROCKS #learntogolf #Boom #boomertips


Today was the most glorious day of NJ summer, and I spent it in the fresh air and sunshine. I soaked up every ounce of inspiration that wafted up along the rolling greens and met FABULOUS women executives at the Barclays/PGATour Woman Executive Woman Leadership Event. Regardless of whether or not they’d ever played, these ladies had a fabulous time at the Ridgewood Country Club. Like the men who typically fill the halls of this regal club, these women bonded, made new friends and heard some amazing speakers share life lessons for business and personal success.

For example, the keynote speaker, @MollyFletcher, shared a motivating look at focusing on what’s really most important. So I’m even more excited to marry my love of golf and business coaching as Joan Cavanaugh and I present: Ladies Golf for Business Beginner’s Bootcamp.  The day-long sessions meet Molly’s litmus test for success as it gives me the chance to pay it forward:

  • Fill a GAP:  Help women stop getting left behind at the office and CATAPULT their CAREERS through BUSINESS golf
  • HELP KEY GROUPS: Executive women, brands seeking to grow employee engagement and satisfaction or sales teams trying to gain quality time with clients
  • Create a BRAIN SPA: Empower ladies with a 20-page resource for inspiration, motivation
  • FOCUS: Share specific, actionable “how-to” strategies and skills to GET IN THE GAME (even before you know how to play well)
  • Schedule DISCIPLINE: map out a path for progress
  • MEASURE success over time:  Not just your score, but have you made new friends? Grown your client base? Deepened your relationships?  Get INVITED to get in the GAME?

I’d love to hear more about YOUR golf for business journey.  What are your fears?  How have you helped someone else grow their career?

I happily volunteered with social media at the Barclays again last uear, helping to raise millions of dollars for local charities.  Yep, golf sure feels good in more ways than I can count!

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50 ROCKS: 7 ways GOLF can CATAPULT your Career

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