50 ROCKS: Helping Konica Minolta Step Forward

Konica Step Forward invitation


Testimonial From Kristina Marchitto, Konica Minolta PR Manager

Pat Roque Presents 50 ROCKS: LIfe Lessons for Success at KMBS 6-10-15

“Thank you Pat for an engaging and memorable presentation during our Step Forward meeting. The women (and men) of Konica Minolta took time to appreciate their own unique qualities and in turn, recognized how they impacted the world around them. You were a wonderful addition to our women’s initiative, and you were an inspiration to all in attendance!”

Kay Du Fernandez, VP, Strategic Business Development Konica Minolta

“You were a hit!!! Everyone is still talking about it.” Dorothy K., Konica Minolta
“Your talk at Step Forward was truly inspiring.” Amelia H.





ROCK Your Public Speaking

Gianna Rojas

“Hey Pat, YOU ROCK. This was an awesome opportunity to learn about public speaking. I know that you have a very well-rounded program and this is just one piece of the puzzle. I think you’re awesome, full of energy and the tools that your teaching us (or the gifts that you’re helping us discover to give) are unbelievably valuable. Check Pat out, she’s awesome and she knows her stuff. You rock Pat!”

Gianna Rojas, One-Handed Lady Golfer, March of Dimes Community Director


Charlie Tao

“Pat Roque delivered absolutely amazing content. More importantly, she really got to the heart and essence of WHY and HOW and WHAT TO DO to brand yourself. When you package yourself well you can give authentically and attract exactly what you deserve in return. I highly recommend everyone take whatever she has to offer. Pat is a naturally gifted trainer and she’s very engaging. It’s SUCH a FUN class so definitely take it!”

Charlie Tao, Freedom Solutions Formula, Network Marketing Executive


 Mariel Miller

Mariel Miller
“Pat’s Rock Your Public Speaking event and it was well worth the investment!! From the course, I got clarity on my message, my value-proposition and a more authentic and clear way of communicating my particular brand. Rock-On Pat, you’re a superstar!”

 Mariel Miller, The Franchise Advisor

Coaching Entrepreneurs to Build Their Personal Brand


Susan Lyman reco

“I had the great fortune to meet Pat at a networking event. She introduced herself and I was immediately inspired by her business acumen, her energy, talent and warm personality. I followed up with her for advice on my start up and how to make social media an efficient tool to create brand awareness, excitement and in turn, increase sales.

She helped me tremendously in setting goals, organizing my social media calendar and making me much more efficient in my daily social media tasks, including Linkedin, Groups within Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. She also followed up regularly to see how I was doing. She has always been available to answer questions and offer advice and most importantly to keep me focused and motivated. She has been a great asset to my business.”


Susan Lyman President/Owner at SelmarSolutions, Inc.

University Students Learn Why Golf is Big Business

 “I never realized how important golf business etiquette really was until Pat broke it all down step by step.
Her delivery was clear, easy to understand and passionate.”


JB, Student, William Paterson University

Global Golf Collaboration at the PGA Show


Golf Business Monitor CEO Miklos Breitner, Linked Golfer CEO Sean Kelly, PGA Master Pro/Author/Inventor Ollen Stephens and Business Boomers CEO, Pat Roque


“INNOVATIVE, DYNAMIC, INSPIRING, CAPTIVATING and FUN: Pat Roque’s  street-smart approach to tackling business obstacles provide practical strategies that corporate executives, teaching Pros and their students can implement TODAY.”

Ollen Stephens, PGA Certified Professional Instructor, Author Power Of the Golf Ball, Inventor