[50 ROCKS: CARING] What is a Mastermind…and why should you care?

People understand what a motivational speaker does. And what and author does. But today someone asked what I do as a success coach–especially what goes on inside of my private mastermind group.

If it helps at all, The Rock On Success mastermind group turned a year old in August. I started it as a coaching program to complement my book and deliver the 90-day success system (but found that folks liked saving money and locking in a longer commitment). They grew to really value the relationships within our sacred space. It’s a place where folks care deeply about your success WITHOUT the emotional attachment and associated baggage.

The small group is a mix of corporate and nonprofit leaders, strategic sales execs, entrepreneurs … all looking to have a sounding board for growing business in a way that honors their values, their core strengths, their families, and their “me time.”

It’s not inexpensive, but rather it’s meant to be a higher level of personal Board of Directors for the people involved. It’s funny because they’re kicking butt and driving crazy results.

Listening to them on our zoom Meetup today, they started describing it as their “sacred space where business strategy, strategic sales, spirituality, accountability, group therapy and a personal advisory council intersect.

I’m gonna start using their language because it’s a unique, scared place where high performing “go-givers” Meetup via zoom 2x per month where each person gets their turn in the “hot seat” to focus on their wins, challenges and focus topic they need help with that session.

We then host quarterly in-person events and now retreats. We hosted a small group intensive in Myrtle Beach in November. Here’s where @Donna DiMartino got super clear on her why, her gifts to the world… and we literally watched her experience a QUANTUM LEAP in how she tells her story. Check her video out here...so proud of you Donna!

I originally thought the content was key as they’re taught modules on rocking your strength, focus, action planning, marketing, sales, environment, confidence and money mindset. That stuff flows easily from my 30 years of entrepreneurial marketing, agency and biz development.

But they are also so committed to supporting each other, active mentoring and referrals that there is power and explosive growth.

Even when setbacks happen, they have the power to face their sadness or fear or frustration and quickly move past it.

Today one said that before the mastermind she would “give up” and fret over what did not happen (a scarcity mindset). Now she values “letting go” to what is not meant to be. Instead she leads from a place of gratitude and abundance, knowing that we often must make space for what will serve us better.

So while a mastermind can sometimes get tactical, it’s more of an enduring center of excellence where folks grow smarter, fail faster thanks to shared learning.

It’s evolving … and so are we.

Read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and see how Henry Ford maximized his contributions to the world, thanks to his Vagabond Mastermind. It works. Period.

Happy to answer questions here or privately.

[50 ROCKS: Naive] Don’t be Naive About the Magic Within (& other Life Lessons Learned from the Wizard of Oz)

Why do we doubt ourselves, feeling like everyone else has the answers?

That is a rather naive approach to leadership, as I was reminded last night watching the colorized version of the classic Wizard of Oz. As I sang along with the Munchkins, I empathized as Dorothy and her motley crew experienced 3 BIG AHA lessons:

  1. Create your crown and own it
  2. Use your heart AND brain to honor why you ROCK
  3. The answers were inside you all along

Why is this so important ? Coaches inspire and help you draw conclusions. We help you dig deep and pay close attention to what feels right in your decision making. Together we set smart goals and a path to blow them out of the water!

My mastermind and executive coaching program, for example, drives excellence in 7 pillars: finding your focus, creating smart action steps, rocking your environment, honing both sales (improving your personal delivery, public speaking and such) and marketing skills (helping you “fish where the fish are” in your career).

The last 2 help facilitate confidence and a money mindset makeover. I don’t hold your hand through the minutia of execution, but help you forge smart decisions and offer guidance that you implement with your team.

We all need a dose of courage and not confuse that with wisdom, as the Wizard told the scarecrow.

Dorothy and her Oz crew used their best judgement and collective brainstorming to follow the yellow brick road. Sure, they were afraid and did not have all the answers. They fumbled and had fun along the way, too. Yet, when they put their collective assets together (including bigger-picture thinking, a dose of bravery and speaking from the heart), things started making sense. Answers appeared. They finally conquered the wicked witch with a solution they weren’t exactly looking for (when dousing her with water to put out the fire caused her to melt). Brilliant!

Imagine if Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion had taken a strengths assessment and known about their innate talents from the onset?

I guess there’d be no movie, or at least a very different story (haha). But they sure could have saved themselves a lot of time, heartache and frustration!

As coaches, we don’t necessarily tell folks exactly what to do and how to do it. That is perhaps a trainer’s job. Rather, we listen, prompt and help smart professionals channel their inner rock star.

Truth be told, sometimes clients welcome me in a hybrid role where we dance between coaching on overall plans but they want specific training to hone specific skills (like rocking their story telling to build their personal brand). I’m flexible, having worn both hats. The main thing is getting clear on what you prefer, what to expect so that you are not NAIVE and the approach fits your needs best.

When Dorothy finally listened to the good witch, and leveraged what was best in her team, she shifted gears and made a quantum leap. True progress.

The magic behind the wizard’s curtain is actually deep inside you…but you may just need the right help to bring them back into focus. The best coaches and masterminds will help you shorten your learning curve so you can rock your crown and attract your ideal clients or collaborators.

What’s your big takeaway from the Wizard of Oz? How do you leverage others along your journey?

Please share below, thanks!


[50 ROCKS: KIND] Spread Holiday Cheer as Kindness helps Rock Your Career: VOLUNTEER!

My inbox is flooded with folks seeking career change advice, many who want to shift into a role doing more of what they love. In addition to getting crystal clear on your strengths, I’ve found a secret ingredient that belongs on your resume: Kindness. Why not reach out to your favorite charity and volunteer to help? Many organizations are desperately in need of exactly what you have to offer!

Volunteering is a great way to not only feel good as a giver: you’ll gain meaningful practice working in your zone of genius that can then be included in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

FastCompany published a great article on why you should perhaps even SUSPEND your job hunt and invest the time volunteering to grow valuable relationships this holiday season. They suggest that circling back with your new volunteer friends could be even more productive (and keep you out of the clutter) just after the New Year. CLICK HERE to read more…

Not sure where to donate your time, talent and treasure? Pick something you are passionate about. Reach out to local chambers of commerce, hospitals, shelters or other groups that proudly serve others and see what’s on their schedule of events. In the past, we’ve taken the Boy Scouts to prepare meals at a homeless shelter and serve holiday dinners at an urban soup kitchen. (Talk about an eye-opener for these young, privileged kids). My golf partners and I regularly donate clothing and host fundraisers for women’s shelters, helping single moms get back into the workforce to provide for their families.

Volunteering may take the shape as mentoring and coaching. For example, many of my coaching clients and colleagues mentor university students to help them prepare for their dream jobs by helping them learn to network, etc.  So why not invite your mentee to your company or chamber’s holiday party or food drive and give them real-life practice in kindness via volunteering?

Nothing beats the vibration of kindness in action.

One of my favorite annual charity events involves preparing 300+ Thanksgiving meal baskets for needy folks in Bergen County as part of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Basket Brigade. Not only are we helping families enjoy a more normal holiday, but I get to give alongside fellow entrepreneurs, executives and THIER families. My hubby comes, too.


Volunteering puts a more human side to our business relationships and reminds us all to be grateful for our abundance. A win-win-win.

HINT: I used this approach to volunteer as social media/marketing lead for my golf league. Why? By helping as a volunteer, I gained great practice learning the craft with a nonprofit group that was grateful for the support. There was no performance anxiety that might be associated with “learning on someone else’s dime” and I built up a tremendous success record that lives in my portfolio. The Women’s Golf Association of NJ was at ~300 members then, and now has exploded to 637 members and counting in just a few years. Again, a win-win-win!

How can you spread kindness through volunteering? Please share how volunteering impacted your career and your life so we can all learn…thanks. Happy Holidays!


[50 ROCKS: FUN] ROCK YOUR GOLF: Give the Gift of a LIFETIME of FUN

One of the most FUN gifts I EVER received was learning how to play golf. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Now we can help YOU or someone you care about HAVE MORE FUN,

STOP getting left behind and GET IN THE GAME!

Golf has helped me…

– empower thousands of women to get ahead
– break through the glass ceiling
– open up my circle of friends
– challenge myself
– bust out of my comfort zone
– enrich my marriage
– travel the world
– support my favorite charities
– launch a new non-profit
– skyrocket my career…and more.

If you know someone who deserves to STOP getting left behind like I was until age 45, I’m launching the ROCK YOUR GOLF program. It’s a unique way for golfers at ALL levels to have more fun and improve your golf game.

Enjoy candid golf conversation, learning and socializing with special pricing for in-person events, on line chats via FB Live or in our private Facebook group. Make new like-minded friends, growing relationships and confidence on and off the golf course!

Now through Midnight on Cyber Monday 11-27-17, you can get (or buy a gift certificate) for

LIFETIME ACCESS to my special program At FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!!





Known as the Tony Robbins of the golf world, Pat Roque serves as a motivational speaker and success coach to help executive and entrepreneurs stop getting left behind and get in the game. For more tips on how to ROCK YOUR GOLF, join Pat’s online 90-day success system to rock your leadership on & off the golf course. Learn more at www.rockyourgolf.com

[50 ROCKS: COOL] 10 Tips to Keep Cool & Beat the Heat as you Rock Your Golf

Ready to Keep Cool?

Welcome to another installment of my 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success Blog.

With so many new golfers joining my tribe, I’m happy to share answers to their important questions. Let’s shorten their learning curve when it comes to the etiquette and street-smart aspects of playing golf.

These tips to KEEP COOL apply to MORE than just golf, so check them out and let me know what other advice you can add, please!

Here’s a great question that came in from my friend @JocelynRaymond in British Columbia. She reached out, asking me how to keep cool after her exhausting attempt to play in the blazing summer heat: “I made it through 6 holes and had to make a beeline to the clubhouse because of extreme heat. Can you give any tips on staying cool on the course?”

According to the Mayo Clinic article, heat-related illness is no joke. In fact, it often start out mild and worsen if left untreated. “Under normal conditions, your skin, blood vessels and perspiration level adjust to the heat. But these natural cooling systems may fail if you’re exposed to high temperatures and humidity for too long, you sweat heavily, and you don’t drink enough fluids.” Heat illnesses include:

  • Heat cramps/muscle spasms
  • Heat syncope (light-headedness or fainting) and exercise-associated collapse
  • Heat exhaustion may include experience nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, fainting, sweating and cold, clammy skin. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke.
  • Heatstroke (a life-threatening emergency condition that occurs when your body temperature exceeds 104 degrees F

So how do we continue to have fun and still beat the heat so we enjoy this glorious game called golf? Here are my ten tips:

  1. HYDRATE. HYDRATE.HYDRATE. DRINK LOTS OF WATER before, during and after the round. Bring a double-insulated cup filled with ice and keep refilling it with icy water throughout the day.
  2. FREEZE two disposable water bottles so they become a cooler inside your insulated golf bag (and you can drink the water on the back nine).
  3. CARRY A WASHCLOTH or reusable neck cooling rag in a zippy bag, wet with water and ice cubes. You can wrap these around your neck, it really helps!
  4. A PORTABLE SPRAY BOTTLE/FAN can offer a refreshing spritz to cool you off quickly
  5. AVOID ALCOHOL which can dehydrate you.
  6. PACK a healthy snack such as almonds, fruit, high protein bar so you can keep your energy up even if the beverage cart doesn’t show often enough
  7. PLAY EARLY or LATER in the day to avoid the hottest mid-day sun
  8. WEAR SUNSCREEN with SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 on LIPS, Face and body. Yes, lip sunburn is not fun and you want to avoid skin cancer! Reapply lip balm often, and sunscreen at the turn, as you may sweat it off.
  9. WEAR A WIDE-BRIM HAT and SUNGLASSES to keep the harshest sun off your face and out of your eyes. MyrtleBeachGolf.com also suggests that you “set your style to cool by wearing light-colored clothes and a breathable lightweight hat. Many golf brands offer moisture-wicking apparel that keeps you cool on the course.”
  10. RIDE vs WALK, and PARK/REST IN THE SHADE as you’re waiting to take your next shot. I prefer walking the course whenever possible to burn more calories. But when a course is too hilly (or it’s super hot), you may be better to ride in the golf cart: You’ll enjoy a little breeze, exert yourself a bit less and bring the “shade” along with you.

Use a sunscreen with bug spray for added protection against TICKS.

With some common sense, you can enjoy even the hottest days if you play it smart. Don’t bake in the hot sun any more than necessary. Take the proper precautions before, during and after you play to make the most of what factors you CAN control and avoid the pitfalls of those you cannot. After all, golf is a game. Why make it a gamble with your health?

Please share your tips and thoughts with my tribe, we welcome your insight.

Rock on, my friend!



Known as the Tony Robbins of the golf world, Pat Roque serves as a motivational speaker and success coach to help executive and entrepreneurs stop getting left behind and get in the game. For more tips on how to ROCK YOUR GOLF, join Pat’s online 90-day success system to rock your leadership on & off the golf course. Learn more at www.rockyourgolf.com

[50 ROCKS: PLAYS GOLF] GOLF can ROCK your Leadership…so STOP getting left behind, Get in the Game!

Welcome to another installment of my popular blog, 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success.

Golf has changed my life, and I wish I’d learned how to get involved at age 4 or 5 instead of age 45. But it’s never to late to learn secrets to success from my rear view mirror.

6 Golden Nuggets:

✔ CAREER: Stop getting left behind: Hear how golf skyrocketed my success at age 45…and how it can rock your world forever, too!

✔ CONNECT: Learn about secrets to rock your networking to grow lifelong relationships.

✔ COLLABORATE: How golf, fitness and business professionals can work together to make a HUGE impact on YOU, your business and your TEAM.

✔ CONFIDENCE:  Learn how the nuances of golf etiquette, proper attire and getting comfortable with golf jargon help even BEFORE you play well.

✔ CHARITY: Learn why golf brings over $4 BILLION to charities and non-profits in the US each year…and how to grow support your favorite group, too.

✔ COMMIT TO YOUR SUCCESS: Schedule time to plan and implement a strategy that reflects YOUR top priorities…Make time for what is most important!

How has golf impacted your life? If not yet, what are you waiting for? I’m happy to help you rock your leadership on and off the golf course. Let’s chat, the call is free. CLICK HERE to schedule.

Rock your day,