[50 ROCKS: COOL] 10 Tips to Keep Cool & Beat the Heat as you Rock Your Golf

Ready to Keep Cool?

Welcome to another installment of my 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success Blog.

With so many new golfers joining my tribe, I’m happy to share answers to their important questions. Let’s shorten their learning curve when it comes to the etiquette and street-smart aspects of playing golf.

These tips to KEEP COOL apply to MORE than just golf, so check them out and let me know what other advice you can add, please!

Here’s a great question that came in from my friend @JocelynRaymond in British Columbia. She reached out, asking me how to keep cool after her exhausting attempt to play in the blazing summer heat: “I made it through 6 holes and had to make a beeline to the clubhouse because of extreme heat. Can you give any tips on staying cool on the course?”

According to the Mayo Clinic article, heat-related illness is no joke. In fact, it often start out mild and worsen if left untreated. “Under normal conditions, your skin, blood vessels and perspiration level adjust to the heat. But these natural cooling systems may fail if you’re exposed to high temperatures and humidity for too long, you sweat heavily, and you don’t drink enough fluids.” Heat illnesses include:

  • Heat cramps/muscle spasms
  • Heat syncope (light-headedness or fainting) and exercise-associated collapse
  • Heat exhaustion may include experience nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, fainting, sweating and cold, clammy skin. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke.
  • Heatstroke (a life-threatening emergency condition that occurs when your body temperature exceeds 104 degrees F

So how do we continue to have fun and still beat the heat so we enjoy this glorious game called golf? Here are my ten tips:

  1. HYDRATE. HYDRATE.HYDRATE. DRINK LOTS OF WATER before, during and after the round. Bring a double-insulated cup filled with ice and keep refilling it with icy water throughout the day.
  2. FREEZE two disposable water bottles so they become a cooler inside your insulated golf bag (and you can drink the water on the back nine).
  3. CARRY A WASHCLOTH or reusable neck cooling rag in a zippy bag, wet with water and ice cubes. You can wrap these around your neck, it really helps!
  4. A PORTABLE SPRAY BOTTLE/FAN can offer a refreshing spritz to cool you off quickly
  5. AVOID ALCOHOL which can dehydrate you.
  6. PACK a healthy snack such as almonds, fruit, high protein bar so you can keep your energy up even if the beverage cart doesn’t show often enough
  7. PLAY EARLY or LATER in the day to avoid the hottest mid-day sun
  8. WEAR SUNSCREEN with SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 on LIPS, Face and body. Yes, lip sunburn is not fun and you want to avoid skin cancer! Reapply lip balm often, and sunscreen at the turn, as you may sweat it off.
  9. WEAR A WIDE-BRIM HAT and SUNGLASSES to keep the harshest sun off your face and out of your eyes. MyrtleBeachGolf.com also suggests that you “set your style to cool by wearing light-colored clothes and a breathable lightweight hat. Many golf brands offer moisture-wicking apparel that keeps you cool on the course.”
  10. RIDE vs WALK, and PARK/REST IN THE SHADE as you’re waiting to take your next shot. I prefer walking the course whenever possible to burn more calories. But when a course is too hilly (or it’s super hot), you may be better to ride in the golf cart: You’ll enjoy a little breeze, exert yourself a bit less and bring the “shade” along with you.

Use a sunscreen with bug spray for added protection against TICKS.

With some common sense, you can enjoy even the hottest days if you play it smart. Don’t bake in the hot sun any more than necessary. Take the proper precautions before, during and after you play to make the most of what factors you CAN control and avoid the pitfalls of those you cannot. After all, golf is a game. Why make it a gamble with your health?

Please share your tips and thoughts with my tribe, we welcome your insight.

Rock on, my friend!



Known as the Tony Robbins of the golf world, Pat Roque serves as a motivational speaker and success coach to help executive and entrepreneurs stop getting left behind and get in the game. For more tips on how to ROCK YOUR GOLF, join Pat’s online 90-day success system to rock your leadership on & off the golf course. Learn more at www.rockyourgolf.com

[50 ROCKS: PLAYS GOLF] GOLF can ROCK your Leadership…so STOP getting left behind, Get in the Game!

Welcome to another installment of my popular blog, 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success.

Golf has changed my life, and I wish I’d learned how to get involved at age 4 or 5 instead of age 45. But it’s never to late to learn secrets to success from my rear view mirror.

6 Golden Nuggets:

✔ CAREER: Stop getting left behind: Hear how golf skyrocketed my success at age 45…and how it can rock your world forever, too!

✔ CONNECT: Learn about secrets to rock your networking to grow lifelong relationships.

✔ COLLABORATE: How golf, fitness and business professionals can work together to make a HUGE impact on YOU, your business and your TEAM.

✔ CONFIDENCE:  Learn how the nuances of golf etiquette, proper attire and getting comfortable with golf jargon help even BEFORE you play well.

✔ CHARITY: Learn why golf brings over $4 BILLION to charities and non-profits in the US each year…and how to grow support your favorite group, too.

✔ COMMIT TO YOUR SUCCESS: Schedule time to plan and implement a strategy that reflects YOUR top priorities…Make time for what is most important!

How has golf impacted your life? If not yet, what are you waiting for? I’m happy to help you rock your leadership on and off the golf course. Let’s chat, the call is free. CLICK HERE to schedule.

Rock your day,


[50 ROCKS: STRONG] Rock Your Strength for a Happier Life!

Why Rock Your Strength? Know what talents make you special so others can, too. 

Welcome to another installment of my blog series, 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could stop dwelling on what is NOT working so well and start focusing more on how to dial up our strength? After all, Gallup research tells us that when folks show an inherent talent (meaning, their natural capacity to excel in any one facet of their work) they are happier, more fulfilled and more successful.

In a team setting, our natural capacity for excellence in a role results in greater efficiency and productivity. Using selection science, Gallup research helps us map success potential greater than just our personality: it reflects factors such as our attitudes, motives, cognition and values. It’s no wonder we’re now working with the talented @SaraNunez and incorporating data-driven strength assessments into the proven Rock On Success coaching system.

History shows that successful people respond differently than less successful people. Imagine having your own version of a crystal ball. What if you could understand the typical characteristics of the most successful people in a given role and predict whether you (or a candidate) were a great fit?

Wouldn’t life become easier and more fun if you focus on your strength (what comes naturally to you)? 

For example, we can now predict where you were more likely to naturally and consistently behave in ways that lead to excellence in the role. Wouldn’t you love to truly appreciate where and how you rock in the context of potential new business relationships? Then learn exactly how to apply those strengths to excel over the next 90 days when you follow a smart plan? (HINT: we can help, click here to learn more.)

For example,  I was blown away by how accurately our assessment described my own top talents. Among my top 5, the assessment reinforced my gift for individualization. 

How can you apply your strength to improve your performance and grow your list of happy clients or colleagues? 

As a coach, folks like me grow impatient with generalizations or “types” as seen in some old-school personality measurements. Rather, we highlight folks’ unique talents and abilities by observing results along with how they act, their motivation and how they build relationships. Success coaching is not a “one size fits all” model. While others tout “hands off” leadership, my mastermind group members thrive thanks to individual attention. It’s not for everyone, but my peeps crave and appreciate this level of service.

As a motivational speaker and trainer, it’s also why I think on my feet and don’t give “canned” lectures filled with boring slides. Rather, I strive to know their audience and clarify their goals so that we make the very best use of our time together. I cater to their needs and address challenges head-on. Folks engage. They know that I care and am here for them.

When you avoid labels and are a keen observer of individuals, you can draw out people’s strengths and help them discover the very best in themselves. 

As a business owner, appreciating individualization also comes in quite handy as I interview collaborators to grow my team. After all, we don’t seek carbon copies of ourselves but rather a complementary mix of talents to take the lead in varied elements of our success formula.

Once you can identify your top strengths, the secret sauce lies in knowing how to leverage your unique gifts to start attracting more of your ideal clients and collaborators.

What are your top strengths and how do you apply them in your work-life integration? How have they evolved over the years (and how can you apply them in the next phase of your career)? Please share your thoughts below, thanks!


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FOCUS Brings Freedom: Reflecting on my Ideal Client Avatar

Only once you get crystal clear on your ideal client can you truly rock your growth.

After 29 years in business, and a personal quantum leap at age 50, I’ve been given the gift of intuition and appreciate how God has me serving the world in a bigger way as a speaker, success coach and now author of 2 books. I am blessed to grow my Rock On Success tribe by referral.  Life is good. I am humbled and truly grateful.

As I’m on-boarding another team member, it was time to again reflect on my client avatar. I thought it would be fun to share the details as an example of how well you deserve to know your best clients: understand who they are are people, what drives them and how you can help them achieve their dreams.

I attract wonder women (and super men), midlife professionals ages 40-65. They often seek help for themselves or hire speakers to motivate and inspire their team to excel rekindle their happiness in their career.

My peeps are a 50/50 split among successful singles vs married with teen/adult kids. They are the “Sandwich Generation” juggling the demands of career, caring for multiple generations of their family (aging parents, siblings, kids even grand kids).  Her family dynamic is shifting (perhaps about to become an empty nester) so her time demands are shifting. She feels hollow, frustrated, overwhelmed. She aches to feel more fulfilled but is not sure where to focus or how to get there. She’s definitely a go-giver who has a passion for her industry and favorite charity, yet wishes she knew how best to grow her team and her passion project.

She drives a luxury SUV, appreciates unique jewelry, worships her salon team and shops online. She busy and doesn’t watch live TV but sometimes binge watches her favorite shows on Netflix late into the evening. Boy, she’d give anything for a good night’s sleep.

She loves animals, travel (and wishes she could do more), drinks wine, wishes she played more golf or some other hobby because knows she deserves to have more fun. She realizes the value of networking on and off the golf course. Podcasts and webinars on demand rock, and she can’t wait for a luxury retreat to reset her goals and soothe her soul. (Hint, details to follow soon on!) 

Folks love to be around her, she has many forever friends but wishes she saw them more often. She is exhausted, in total overwhelm, suffering with midlife hormones, secretly angry at her body for betraying her and not as happy in her own skin as she once was. It feels like there’s no “me time” and she neglects herself with the excuse of work or putting others first. She knows she deserves better and it’s time to start putting herself first again and setting better priorities. She’ll buy that Fitbit and new sneakers but needs a push to take her lunch time walk or wake up super early for the gym…that is, until she gets into her better groove and realizes how much better she’s feeling.

She’s truly a rock star

She’s truly a rock star and has won awards and accolades in her career, but at times she gets resentful that it is not easy to be as successful as she used to be. She’s working harder than ever with fewer resources and knows there must be a better way.

She’s ready to stop working harder and start working much smarter. She’s secretly jealous of her friends who enjoy a “laptop lifestyle” vs being chained to a desk or perhaps answering to a 30 year-old who suddenly has influential power in her career path but no respect for her experience. Whether she remains in her j-o-b but wants to emerge as a stronger leader (or is planning to break out on her own) something has to change NOW.

The genie is out of the bottle and she cannot stuff her dreams back inside.

Many are about to retire (or thought they could but now realizes with this economy and 50 more good years ahead of her, that is not an option). She has that gnawing feeling “there must be more to life than this” and is not sure what to do as she prepares to pivot into her next career and family phase. She worries that her family and friends thinks she’s crazy. She craves a safe haven to think out loud, share ideas and figure out her next best moves to find a productive and fulfilling life. She’s “hit the wall” and needs to pull herself out of the hole she’s in. She is driven to finally figure out what is her legacy and implement an action plan to support her dream.

She is ready to create a “plan B” and monetize her genius, create multiple revenue streams and serve more people with her best gifts to the world. She craves a better lifestyle that includes better health, more wealth and the time freedom to enjoy them.

She deserves to love her life again, get paid well to pursue her passion and enjoy jumping out of bed in the morning to rock her day!

I solve these challenges and empower these wonder women to rock their business AND their life…if you know someone who feels this way, we deserve to talk. I can help you embrace all five facets of a brilliant life: family, fun, fitness, better finances and a fabulous career. It’s why I love jumping out of bed in the morning every day 😉

Who do you know that fits this description and is ready to break out of old patterns to rock their business and their life?

My gift is celebrating 29 years in business by tithing 29 1:1 coaching sessions, 29 minutes each, to 29 amazing wonder women or super men who need help with FOCUS and smart next best moves. Perhaps we can help you get crystal clear on your ideal clients. No selling, not a pitch fest. Your only requirement is that you answer a few quick questions to help me prepare for the call, and to please give back and help someone else with YOUR gifts…share this link or schedule the free session here: www.rockonsuccess.com/discover