[50 ROCKS: Naive] Don’t be Naive About the Magic Within (& other Life Lessons Learned from the Wizard of Oz)

Why do we doubt ourselves, feeling like everyone else has the answers?

That is a rather naive approach to leadership, as I was reminded last night watching the colorized version of the classic Wizard of Oz. As I sang along with the Munchkins, I empathized as Dorothy and her motley crew experienced 3 BIG AHA lessons:

  1. Create your crown and own it
  2. Use your heart AND brain to honor why you ROCK
  3. The answers were inside you all along

Why is this so important ? Coaches inspire and help you draw conclusions. We help you dig deep and pay close attention to what feels right in your decision making. Together we set smart goals and a path to blow them out of the water!

My mastermind and executive coaching program, for example, drives excellence in 7 pillars: finding your focus, creating smart action steps, rocking your environment, honing both sales (improving your personal delivery, public speaking and such) and marketing skills (helping you “fish where the fish are” in your career).

The last 2 help facilitate confidence and a money mindset makeover. I don’t hold your hand through the minutia of execution, but help you forge smart decisions and offer guidance that you implement with your team.

We all need a dose of courage and not confuse that with wisdom, as the Wizard told the scarecrow.

Dorothy and her Oz crew used their best judgement and collective brainstorming to follow the yellow brick road. Sure, they were afraid and did not have all the answers. They fumbled and had fun along the way, too. Yet, when they put their collective assets together (including bigger-picture thinking, a dose of bravery and speaking from the heart), things started making sense. Answers appeared. They finally conquered the wicked witch with a solution they weren’t exactly looking for (when dousing her with water to put out the fire caused her to melt). Brilliant!

Imagine if Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion had taken a strengths assessment and known about their innate talents from the onset?

I guess there’d be no movie, or at least a very different story (haha). But they sure could have saved themselves a lot of time, heartache and frustration!

As coaches, we don’t necessarily tell folks exactly what to do and how to do it. That is perhaps a trainer’s job. Rather, we listen, prompt and help smart professionals channel their inner rock star.

Truth be told, sometimes clients welcome me in a hybrid role where we dance between coaching on overall plans but they want specific training to hone specific skills (like rocking their story telling to build their personal brand). I’m flexible, having worn both hats. The main thing is getting clear on what you prefer, what to expect so that you are not NAIVE and the approach fits your needs best.

When Dorothy finally listened to the good witch, and leveraged what was best in her team, she shifted gears and made a quantum leap. True progress.

The magic behind the wizard’s curtain is actually deep inside you…but you may just need the right help to bring them back into focus. The best coaches and masterminds will help you shorten your learning curve so you can rock your crown and attract your ideal clients or collaborators.

What’s your big takeaway from the Wizard of Oz? How do you leverage others along your journey?

Please share below, thanks!


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