Rock Your Strength



Gallup data shows that 87% of all employees are unhappy at their current jobs. I know, I used to be one of them!
Secretly they ask themselves, “Is this all there is for me?” They know that they deserve MORE, that they can do better. They crave greater satisfaction, recognition, fulfillment and happiness.  Sometimes they desire to become stronger leaders or simply need a better way to articulate their gifts to others. Data shows, however, that the key to
success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life.

Gallup research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best. When they identify their talents and develop them into strengths, people are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged.

Working with the Rock on Success team is the first step in helping smart leaders like YOU identify your best gifts and talents. PLUS you’ll understand exactly how to apply those gifts in creating the career and life that you love.

Why struggle and GUESS when the data will make it crystal clear on exactly where you excel and why folks want to work with YOU?


Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or at a crossroad, we can help you ACHIEVE more by discovering your best self. With this unique Rock Your Strength educational program, we combine the best of world-class strength tools and Business Boomers’ proprietary Rock On Success System. Through data gathered from >16 million business leaders like you, we empower participants with specific, actionable knowledge to thrive in their career, coupled with a smart success plan and accountability. Together, we help people understand their talent and what makes them so valuable in the working world. Armed with ammunition, folks best utilize their natural strengths and talents to excel faster in their career, collaborate with greater ease while enjoying a life that they love.

Our Rock Your Strength coaching system delivers options to best meet your individual or group needs. We suggest you start with taking a 30-minute online assessment and share the report with us. Next, we will explore 1:1 how to apply your strengths to attract your ideal clients, team members and collaborators. You’ll learn how to differentiate your skills in a crowded, competitive marketplace. More importantly, we’ll create a blueprint of how and what to do (chunked out into 90 day challenges) to explode your business, skyrocket your success and start having more fun living the life you deserve!

Why is learning how to Rock Your Strength so important?

People who learn how to focus on their strengths every day are:

  • 6x as likely to be engaged at work
  • 6x as likely to do what they do best every day
  • 3x as likely to have an excellent quality of life

But to truly learn to use your strengths, you need help from a coach who really “gets it.” Who really gets YOU. Pat Roque and our trained experts will teach you to rock your strengths, accomplish your goals and overcome your challenges. You are NOT

Implementing Rock Your Strength creates a unique motivator and success strategy with lasting implications. Get started on your better path to success TODAY!

Option 1:  Rock Your Talents $497 ($697 value) CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

  • Top 5 Talents (online) Assessment
  • 1:1 Coaching Session for 45 min. (via ZOOM)
  • 3 reports
    • Strengths Theme Report – what do your top 5 strengths say about you?
    • Strengths insights
    • Personalized Action Planning Guide
  • StrengthsFinder eBook – a best seller, read around the world
  • Rock On Success 90-Day Printed Planner (160 Pages)
  • 90-day email support system (ask questions via email)
  • Membership and participation in the Rock On Success Facebook Group

Option 2:   Rock Your Potential  $1497 ($1997 value, save $500) CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

Includes everything in Option 1 PLUS

  • Total of 4 Private Coaching Sessions (3 PLUS Linkedin 1:1 online session)
  • 34 Talents Assessment
  • BONUS: Access to Rock Your Connections with LinkedIn Profile Makeover ($497 value). This 3-module video course includes:
    • LinkedIn Profile Makeover Magic (Video and printable Checklist)
      • Rock Your Networking (1 hour recorded training session)
      • Rock Your Next Event with LinkedIn (video and checklist including how to maximize your efforts for best outcomes before, during and after your next expo or special event)
      • BONUS: 1:1 video walk through of your LinkedIn profile, recorded
  • BONUS: $ Mindset $5k in 45 min Pat Roque & Chris Miles  ($97 value)

Option 3 Rock Your Growth Package: $10K prepaid in full. BUY NOW. ($22K VALUE)

(Or ask about our installment plan options:  $1,250/month, or $3K x 4 installments)

Includes everything in option 2 PLUS

  • An annual plan with a monthly 1:1 coaching to build upon your success (via ZOOM)
  • 4 x printed copies of the Rock On Success Planner (plus 2 BONUS copies for friends)
  • Participation in the Rock On Success Mastermind ($30K value), where you interact 2x a month with your Personal Advisory Council (you surrogate Board of Directors). During your turn in the “FOCUS CHAIR” you’ll share Challenges, Wins and brainstorm your most pressing issue in a safe and supportive growth environment.
  • BONUS: 7 Module Rock On Success Academy. ($1,997 value) This 90-day online training system includes email/on demand access to 7 important areas that slow most entrepreneurs and executives down in the path. Channel Your Inner Rock Star and drive your career into the fast lane for success as you rock
    • FOCUS: Gain laser-sharp vision on what success feels like.
    • ACTION: Identify your smartest, next best moves.
    • SKILLS: Modules on Sales & Marketing skills will maximize your potential.
    • ENVIRONMENT:   Optimize your surroundings & ROCK your RESULTS
    • MINDSET:   Break through the Money & Confidence challenges that are keeping you from MASSIVE success.
  • $10K PREPAY BONUS: Rock Your Audience with a Killer Presentation! ($1997 Value) Learn the nuances of creating a signature talk that SELLS WITHOUT sounding salesy. Create your future as an industry leader, grow your reputation and your personal brand. Program includes video modules, checklists, templates, everything you need to craft and deliver a killer presentation.

Option 4:  Rock Your Destiny Package $25K prepaid in full ($50K Value) BUY NOW

Ask about $2,500/month or $10K plus 3 installments of $6K payment options

Our most personalized program, Includes everything in option 2 PLUS

  • Extensive personal attention: 4 x monthly 1:1 ZOOM coaching sessions)
  • 10 printed copies of the Rock On Success planner for you/your team
  • BONUS Entrepreneur Assessment unveils how to rock your true entrepreneurial potential and high growth
  • BONUS Leadership Assessment to take you to the next level
  • BONUS Quarterly live special event ($3997 value)
  • BONUS:  Rock Your Golf! 90-day Success system. ($997 value) Learn the secrets to growing your valued network on and off the golf course. Hybrid email/on demand/live event program